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Why do psychological difficulties tend to resist our simple desire for change?

The answer is because our unconscious mind is involved.

Our unconscious mind is a part of our mind, a reservoir of thoughts, feelings, memories, childhood trauma, childhood wounds, thinking patterns, belief systems –  that we developed in childhood.

Therefore, it is so important to connect with this part of our inner world. Our unconscious mind can be described as an inner world – or, an inner landscape – where our thoughts live, our feelings, our patterns of thinking.

In psychological therapy, we are encouraged to connect with this part of our minds. We are invited to introspect, to begin to observe the activity of our minds, in order actually to get to know what’s going on in there.

This is it first step of allowing ourselves the freedom to choose our responses to this world, to the world around us – rather than our responses being unconsciously selected on the basis of our childhood experiences.

This is the journey of becoming more self-aware and more conscious. With increased self-awareness and consciousness, we are more able to make better choices for ourselves.

Kirsten Heynisch

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