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As a Leadership Psychologist & Coach, I guide and support you towards creating a future that is authentic, fulfilling, meaningful and enjoyable.

If you are keen & ready..

  • to grow and reach a new level – professionally and in your personal life
  • to learn how to successfully navigate change and transitions
  • to master effective communication skills within your working & personal relationships, including healthy and clear boundary setting
  • to create a work/ life balance that works for you
  • to develop your Emotional Intelligence & deepen your understanding of yourself and others
  • to develop authentic leadership skills in your professional & personal life.

And if you’re the kind of person..

Who is motivated to break free from unproductive patterns in your working or home environment, and within your own mind

Who struggles to get the balance right between working & family life & time to relax and be with friends

Who is prone to burnout

I would truly like to have a conversation with you to explore the possibility of creating outcomes and experiences that you feel happy about. 



When we work together..

  • I will be able to help you strengthen your adaptability and resilience, which are vital skills in navigating the world around us, which is changing with breath-taking speed.
  • I will be able to support you in finding and articulating your authentic voice. This will help you to express and communicate what truly matters to you.
  • The good news is, when you live authentically, you will be able to connect with your creativity and inner potential more easily, which may still be hidden or unexpressed.

The journey of coaching can be truly enjoyable, transformative, profound, expansive, and filled with learning.

That being said, coaching isn’t magic, it requires an open mind and a steady commitment.

Personally, I am a great fan of psychotherapy and coaching, which over the years has added so much self-awareness, richness, light-heartedness, and substance to my own life.

My own journey in the field of psychology & coaching began 30 years ago, at Leipzig University in Germany. If you are interested to find out more about me, please click this link:

Authentic Leadership..

When leading from an authentic inner position, we enjoy greater clarity in making decisions that serve, support, and empower – ourselves and others.

Authentic leadership is reflected in good self-awareness, great listening skills, well-developed emotional intelligence, a strong and positive set of inner values, good communication skills – just to name a few.

Authentic leadership helps us to create more win-win situations. It is the bridge to developing good connections, collaboration, engagement, and motivation.

This is true for our teams and families!

The great news is that your leadership style isn’t fixed. It is absolutely possible to develop an authentic leadership approach. At the heart of it is self-awareness and self-reflection.

Working with a coach can massively accelerate this learning process.

For many years, I have supported executives and professionals to develop authentic leadership skills in their business and personal lives.

Living and leading authentically, in accordance with your own values and goals (rather than those of other people) facilitates not only deeper connections, improved communication and collaboration – but also inner balance and peace of mind.

I find it deeply rewarding to support my clients in mastering challenges & overcoming obstacles & help create increased inner balance, peace of mind, purpose, clarity, vitality, and resilience.

If you’re keen to explore the experience of being coached by me, and ready for change, I will be happy to set some time aside for an in-depths conversation with you. No strings attached and obligations beyond.

To arrange an initial conversation please email me at or contact me on 07908412471.

I am looking forward connecting with you.

Kirsten Heynisch