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About Kirsten Heynisch

I love life and have learned to embrace it all – the challenges, victories and successes, the gifts, disappointments and losses, the storms, and the calm. I have had my fair share of challenges and adversity, overcoming them made me who I am today.

I am spiritual at heart & on my journey of learning, healing, and growing, I acquired a deep psychological understanding of human nature.

I am a mother to my 14-year-old daughter. I love motherhood. I am co-parenting my daughter (and our little dog Molly) with my daughter’s dad. Developing a mutually supportive and respectful co-parenting relationship has not been easy, but an invaluable process and achievement on our life’s journey.

From an early age, I have been curious and passionate about understanding human nature, which is why I became a psychologist. My professional choices have been inspired by a deeper calling to heal my own childhood wounds and to progressively open my heart and evolve my mind. As an integral part of my training, I spent many years in individual & group psychotherapy, which has added richness, depth, and substance to my own life. It gives me great pleasure and purpose to share my learning and understanding with my clients.

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Know My Story

I grew up in East Germany – behind the Iron Curtain in the Cold War era. The fall of the Berlin Wall has been a life-changing historical event in my life. It changed everything!

Well, almost everything. Growing up in an oppressive system created many ‘Berlin Walls’ in my mind – self-limiting ideas and beliefs based on fear and scarcity. It’s been a huge part of my life’s work to dismantle these walls and find inner peace, freedom, and the courage to live a life that is in alignment with my inner nature and values – rather than external expectations.

My professional journey in the field of psychology, psychotherapy and coaching began 30 years ago, when I started a 5-year psychology degree at Leipzig University in Germany. With the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, I took the opportunity to come to England as an exchange student. I fell in love with an English man, which inspired me to leave Germany and make England my home.

Migrating from one country to another was exciting and challenging. Professionally, it was a bumpy and arduous journey.

My passion for psychology and healing, my tenacity and determination kept me going. In 2000, after many years of studying clinical psychology and psychotherapy in Germany and the UK and overcoming many hurdles, I qualified as a Chartered Clinical & Counselling Psychologist.

From 2000 to 2020, I worked as a Clinical Psychologist in the NHS. I had the privilege of meeting, getting to know, and psychologically working with hundreds of clients with mild, moderate, and severe psychological and mental difficulties.

As a Principal Psychologist, I set up and oversaw several specialist services, such as group psychotherapy services and other psychological therapy programmes in the NHS.

For many years, I managed and clinically supervised psychology colleagues, other mental health professionals and worked with teams who struggled to work collaboratively and effectively.

I take great pleasure in supporting and facilitating my clients’ and colleagues’ learning and psychological growth.

Prompted by an experience of burnout, I left the NHS five years ago. In these years, I set up my own business and am now running a thriving psychology & coaching practice.

I enjoy working with my clients who are professionals and leaders from all walks of life, business owners, CEO’s,  junior and senior executives, who struggle with professional and personal challenges. These could be work, business and team related challenges, or emotional and mental difficulties such as anxiety, depression, stress, burn-out, loss, divorce, grief, low self-worth, unresolved trauma etc.

The gift that I bring to my work, relationships and life is a capacity to form deep, substantial, trusting, nourishing, rich and authentic connections. The feedback I often get from my clients is that they feel safe, secure, and seen in our ever-evolving connection. This allows, inspires and deepens the connection to their own inner wisdom and wellbeing and encourages clarity, expansion and growth.

Over the last 30 years, I have studied and practiced several enriching and valuable therapeutic approaches (please see in professional section).

Over the last decade, I have  branched out into the world of executive, leadership and life coaching which adds another rich dimension to my work as a psychologist. 


I am a Clinical Psychologist, Group Psychotherapist & Leadership Coach. I am registered with/ accredited by the following professional bodies:

I have studied and worked in the field of psychology and psychotherapy for over 25 years. Originally, I obtained a MSc in psychology from Leipzig University (Germany), which included a clinical training in cognitive-behavioural and client-centred psychotherapy.

After my move to London in 1996, I obtained a MSc in Counselling Psychology from City University and I also qualified as a Chartered Clinical Psychologist, Group Analyst, Group-analytic Supervisor and Certified MBT Practitioner.

I have worked in the NHS, in voluntary sector organisations and in private practice for many years providing psychological services for people with a wide range of difficulties. I specialise in mental health problems in adults and leadership psychology & coaching.

I have wide-ranging experience in working with individuals, groups and teams. I also offer supervision and consultation for psychologists and other mental health professionals.

My Therapeutic Approach

I have substantial training and experience in the following treatment modalities:

In my practice, I integrate diverse and effective skills from these therapeutic models and from the world of coaching. These different approaches have a good evidence base for their effectiveness and have been shown to work reliably and effectively for a wide range of psychological struggles, work and life challenges.

Valuable ingredients that I bring to my work are empathy, self-awareness, insight, clarity, spontaneity, responsiveness, directness, a great deal of life and work experience and a fair understanding of the complexities and challenges of life and our relationships in it. I have curiosity, a desire and determination to make sense of difficult life experiences and to promote growths and change in myself and others.

What Makes Psychology & Coaching Programmes Successful?

In my experience, the outcome of therapy & coaching is successful when both of us bring a certain set of ingredients to the therapeutic endeavor:

For me, it is professional competence, authenticity, commitment, empathy, a curious and open mind.

For you it is a commitment to learn and grow; curiosity, openess and a willingness to change aspects within yourself that maintain the status quo.

The Initial Conversation

Once you have made contact with me, we can arrange an initial conversation. This is an opportunity to get a feel for each other and see whether we can connect comfortably. On my side, this involves exploring whether my approach is potentially going to be helpful for you. On your side, it may involve getting a sense whether you feel comfortable with me and my approach. Our initial conversation is also a good time for you to ask any questions that matter to you.

I take your privacy seriously. Any information you share with me will remain confidential. The only exception to this would be if I felt that there was a serious risk to your own or to another person’s safety. Under such circumstances, I will need to consult with your GP or other relevant mental health professionals.

Cancellation Policy

Please note that I operate a 48 hour (two working days) cancellation policy. Sessions cancelled within less than 48 hours’ notice will be charged at the normal session rate, irrespective of reason for cancellation. There is no charge for sessions cancelled with more than 48 hours’ notice.

What Clients Say About Kirsten…

The Journey towards Wellbeing, Confidence & Resilience

"I started seeing Kirsten after having suffered with depression and anxiety for some years. From the very first session, Kirsten was incredibly understanding and supportive, helping me dismantle my inner demons one by one. After a year of individual sessions, I joined Kirsten's private therapy group. As someone who had always struggled to open up to others publicly, this was quite daunting. Very soon after joining, I began to see the benefits. It was one of the most rewarding and valuable experiences of my life."

“I work within the emergency services and following a major accident, I was experiencing symptoms of post-traumatic stress. I felt less and less in control of my emotions and felt as though a dark cloud was hanging over me. After the first few sessions with Kirsten, I not only felt better, but was was confident that with Kirsten’s help I would recover. My time spent with Kirsten was more than achieving recovery. It was about building resilience and learning skills to better face trauma in the future. Kirsten has given me the gift of inner awareness and emotional maturity. The ability to not only accept my emotional vulnerabilities but to embrace them and not be afraid to allow those close to me to see them”.