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How to Emotionally and Socially Connect while Socially Distancing?

How to Emotionally and Socially Connect while Socially Distancing?

I assume we all have had to consider this current dilemma: on the one hand doing the most socially responsible thing which is to physically avoid other people; whilst on the other wondering how under these circumstances we can foster and maintain our social and emotional connections with each other? It can be a real challenge and balancing act – as well as a real opportunity –  to constructively adapt to this new physically and socially distant way of being and living.

Given the current social climate, in which many of us must stay physically apart, I would like to invite you to consider joining my Online Therapy Group. This could be just the right kind of growing edge and support for you at this time. It facilitates and fosters social and emotional connection in the virtual world. In this group people come together, under my professional guidance, to work on improving their lives in one way or another. Instead of avoiding and locking away your feelings, this therapy group is a space, where you will be encouraged to notice how you are feeling and talk about it. When we talk about our feelings, with people we feel comfortable with, they are likely to become less overwhelming, less upsetting and scary. 

Within this therapy group, stimulating, lively, thoughtful, and supportive interactions between group members become a powerful way of learning about oneself and others, providing new perspectives and opportunities for personal development. It offers the rich opportunity to become aware of unhelpful relational patterns that don’t serve you any longer. Equally, you will be invited to experiment with new, more authentic and rewarding ways of connecting. This therapy group offers a weekly therapeutic space of ninety minutes, in which you are encouraged to develop and deepen your capacity for self-reflection, self-awareness, self-expression – all fundamental aspects of emotional and relational maturity. In addition to strengthening your relationship skills, reducing isolation and finding your voice, group therapy is also very valuable for individuals struggling with symptoms of depression, anxiety, grief and life transitions. One of my clients put it like this:

After a year of one-to-one sessions with Kirsten, I joined a therapy group run by her. As someone who had always struggled to open up to others publicly, this was quite a daunting prospect, but Kirsten’s support along the way made the transition so much easier. With her facilitation, I was able to engage with others on a level I had never felt comfortable with before, and, very soon after joining, began to see the benefits. It was one of the most rewarding and valuable experiences of my life. I spent two years attending group therapy with Kirsten and it would be impossible for me to count up all the ways in which it helped, but I know that I came out the other side stronger. There aren’t enough words in the universe for me to describe how much Kirsten has helped me since we first met. I know I walked into our first session unemployed, financially dependent on others, feeling tired and overwhelmed by the world; and I left our last session as a happy independent individual ready to take on the world! I think that says it all. 

I would like to encourage you to be courageous and make a meaningful step towards discovering and sharing your strengths, gifts, struggles, vulnerabilities and insecurities and develop a sense of belonging and connectedness along the way. 

My extensive training and professional experience coupled with my passion and commitment to support people heal, develop, and unfold their true potential are important ingredients that I bring to the experience of facilitating therapy groups. My specialist training in group-analytic therapy included six years of being a client in a therapy group, whilst simultaneously studying and practising group therapy in some depth. This experience has definitely changed me, my way of communicating, my sense of belonging, and my connectedness with others. It helped me to see and experience first-hand the great value of this powerful therapeutic modality. If you are interested in getting more of a flavour and understanding of the kind of therapy group I am running please visit my speciality page on group therapy and read my blog ‘Demystifying Group Therapy‘. If you would like to learn more about my work as a Clinical Psychologist and Group Therapist please contact me today.

Kirsten Heynisch

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