Learning to Ride the Waves & Storms of Life – Kirsten’s Chapter from the Book ‘Creating Resilience’


About the e-book

In this e-book, I share my personal journey of creating resilience from some dark and vulnerable places. I delve into the depths of uncertainty, grief, shame, and vulnerability. 

Paradoxically, vulnerability is the birthplace of resilience.

I am a seeker at heart. So, my inner turmoil during some very challenging years of my life, catalysed me to go on a quest to learn about resilience and develop it.

My passion for psychology, coaching, learning, and teaching inspired me to strengthen my own resilience muscle and later to support and guide my clients to develop and leverage this inner core strength in their lives.

The purpose of my sharing is to create an opening, a connection and learning from each other and with each other.

My hope is that your heart will be touched and that you may feel inspired to reach into the depths of your soul and find the sparks of life and wisdom that reside there.

Our soul’s sparks fuel our path of creating and strengthening  resilience, honesty, love, self-compassion, courage and tenacity. 

In my experience, creating resilience is a profoundly soulful path.

It necessitates continual choice—stepping away from destructive and life-inhibiting aspects of our being and stepping towards new and life-giving possibilities.

Enjoy the read!