A Guided Meditation to Boost Your Immune System


This guided visualisation practice is specifically designed to support and strengthen your immune system and to stimulate your self-healing and self-repair abilities. 

This guided meditation is designed to help you develop a new self-care and self-repair pattern through the combination of deep relaxation and the usage of healing images and symbols, which can evoke encouraging, empowering and hopeful thoughts and feelings. A hopeful and empowered mindset combined with self-compassion, acceptance and gratitude are the best companions in the often challenging and complex process of illness and recovery. 

If you are struggling with a health problem, which is associated with a weakened and compromised immune system – this meditation practice can support you. You might be living with or recovering from cancer or another health condition. This may require you to give your immune system extra attention and care, which is what this healing visualization is about. 

You can use this guided meditation as a complementary tool to support your medical treatment such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or hormone treatment. It can also support your recovery process after a surgical intervention. This practice can also benefit you if you are dealing with burn-out, chronic fatigue, or general emotional and physical exhaustion. In any case, it will help you mobilise and strengthen your immune system. 

To reap the full benefit, I suggest that you practice on a regular basis, maybe daily to start with, and then a few times a week. After this you can repeat this practice whenever you want to or need to. 

I am wishing you all the very best on your healing journey and I hope you will enjoy this practice.