A Guided Meditation for Slowing Down & a Calm Mind


This is A Guided Meditation to help you Slow Down.

I have created it to help you pause, slow down and access a state of increased self-awareness, calm and presence. 

The sense of calm and presence is the beautiful feeling that emerges from a mind at rest. We also know that a calm and balanced mind is more likely to be creative and focused than a mind that feels stressed and under pressure. 

When we slow down in this way our brain is encouraged to become more coherent. This means our thoughts and our emotions become aligned – we also call this mind/ heart coherence.  

In this state of coherence and unity, we can think more clearly, more creatively and are able to make better decisions.

We can cultivate this state of mind. This guided meditation  – when used regularly – will facilitate your mind/ heart coherence and clarity of mind.