“Creating Resilience – 12 Empowering Stories To Unleash Your Inner Strength“

Personally Signed Book by Kirsten Heynisch

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About the book

The book “Creating Resilience” is a collection of personal, reflective and empowering stories. Within the book, a diverse array of authors share profound life lessons, navigating the realms of trauma, depression, anxiety, loss, betrayal, grief, cancer – just to name a few. The authors share deep and meaningful life lessons and the wisdom made from these experiences of deep vulnerability.

It is touching and inspiring to read how the authors found an inner strength while navigating the emotional landscape of uncertainty, grief, shame and vulnerability.   

Each narrative serves as a guide, imparting invaluable insights and fostering the confidence needed to unlock YOUR inner strength. This collective wisdom acts as a catalyst for personal growth, propelling you towards the life you genuinely deserve.


Here’s a sample of the stories you will find and love in this book:

  • Learning to Ride the Waves & Storms of Life: Get crystal-clear on how to let go of deep heartache, hurt, anger, shame, and betrayal. Acceptance and peace of mind are within your reach.
  • Behind The Smile: How resilience moulds us into the person we are and affects the choices we make.
  • Fostering Resilience by Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone: Bouncing back from adversity, finding strength in the face of despair, and embracing the lessons that hardship offers.
  • My Grief is No Longer My Dark Weakness: How to reframe your thinking around circumstances outside your control.

And more!

In A Journey of Riches – Creating Resilience,  you have within your reach the ingredients of building resilience and how to apply them. This book is a treasure trove of highly practical, easily applicable, and exceptionally useful ideas, steps, and tips designed to guide your daily life.