Kirsten Heynisch

Chartered Clinical Psychologist & Psychotherapist

Chiltern Psychology

& Psychotherapy Practice

I am a Chartered Clinical Psychologist, Group Analyst, Group-analytic Supervisor and Accredited Practitioner of Mentalization based treatment (MBT).
I am registered with/ accredited by the following professional bodies:

I have studied and worked in the field of psychology and psychotherapy for over 25 years. Originally, I obtained a MSc in psychology from Leipzig University (Germany), which included a clinical training in cognitive-behavioural and client-centred psychotherapy.

After my move to London in 1996, I also qualified as a Chartered Clinical Psychologist, Group Analyst, Group-analytic Supervisor and Certified MBT Practitioner.

I have worked in the NHS, in voluntary sector organisations and in private practice for many years providing psychological services for people with a wide range of difficulties. I specialise in mental health problems in adults and young people. I have wide-ranging experience in working with individuals, couples, families and groups. I also offer supervision and consultation for psychologists and other mental health professionals.


I have had substantial training and experience in the following treatment modalities:

In my practice, I integrate diverse and effective skills from these therapeutic models. The different therapeutic approaches have a good evidence base for their effectiveness and have been shown to work reliably and effectively for a wide range of psychological problems.

Valuable ingredients that I bring to my work are empathy, self-awareness, insight, clarity, spontaneity, responsiveness, directness, a great deal of life and work experience and a fair understanding of the complexities and challenges of life and our relationships in it. I have curiosity, a desire and determination to make sense of difficult life experiences and to promote growths and change in myself and others.


In my experience, the outcome of therapy is most likely to be successful when both therapist and patient bring a certain set of ingredients to the therapeutic endeavor: For the therapist it is professional competence, authenticity, commitment, empathy, a curious and open mind. For the client it is a commitment to get better, a curiosity and willingness to learn about the underlying nature of their psychological difficulty coupled with a wish to change aspects within themselves that maintain the psychological problems.