Kirsten Heynisch

Chartered Clinical Psychologist & Psychotherapist

Chiltern Psychology

& Psychotherapy Practice

Why family therapy?

Our closest relationships can be the most supportive and vital, yet also the most troubling and upsetting areas of our lives.Therapy may work for family members who experience significant and persistent relationship problems, ongoing conflict, poor communication, loss of trust or interest in each other. Children can be affected by these difficulties which may lead to additional difficulties within the family context.

Therapy may work for families who:

  • feel stuck in a relationship that is dissatisfying and charged with unresolved/unspoken conflict

  • argue a lot without getting a sense of resolution

  • feel that addictions and co-dependent relationship patterns are in the way of more authentic and satisfying experiences with each other

  • have suffered a distressing loss or ill

The issues you are facing might include difficult life transitions such as:

  • children leaving home

  • unemployment

  • retirement

  • loss of a parent, child or significant other person

  • work related stress

  • separation, divorce and co-parenting arrangements.

These difficult life experiences can significantly impact on our day to day life and our relationships.